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Marriage? Don’t Think It A Lot!

July 3, 2013

I got my confuse when i thought about marriage. Seems it doesn’t need to be done. But you know? God always send his life key. Such a signal for us to follow if our heart cannot do decision. Here is what my friend saying :

You can married the worst man ever, like Aasyiah who was married Fir’aun, but it didn’t change her loyalty and love to Allah

You can be married the best men, like prophet of Allah and still not enter Jannah, as wife of prophet luth alaihissalaam

You can also be unmarried, like Maryam, mother of Isa, but Allah can make your rank higher than any woman on earth

It’s not about the kind of man you marry, it’s about faith you have in Allaah ta’ala


Honestly, it illuminates my mind and refresh my brain. Okay fine, i wont get confused anymore 😀


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