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The Taste of Patience

August 13, 2015

In this peace and religious place, i thank God for all the lessons in life. I’ve got my heart sharpen well and my intuition got better. And yes, the friends who always support me to be the good one and istiqomah in His path.

It’s very irritating if you are a logic person for knowing me, because i use my brain less in taking decission. All i can do is just pray and wait for the best answer. I did it for some cases and yes, those are succeed.

But, i know that using brain is important too. That’s why i ask my friends to discuss and making decission. Sometimes i travel alone to settle down myself, enjoying the journey, and feel all the nature vibrance right here in my body.

Is it strange?

I have learned much about patience. That is the thing i couldn’t never handle before. But i figured out that being patient is like mastering a great great great art in this world. You can be a super awesome man outside, but it doesn’t mean you can beat up yourself.

I am the one who very rarely tell my problems to my friends or anyone. I usually keep it for myself and try to solve it because i know that most of them will give me same solution : please, be patient. The other reason is because i have read hadith that we have to share happiness to others, and keep our complains because that’s annoying. We have to thankful and reduce complaining about anything we hate. God gives problems to make us stronger, right?

Patience. A single word with a million actions to get it. But once we get it, this world seems always beautiful wherever we live and whatever the way people treat us.

I always keep in mind of my teacher’s words. Eling lan sumeleh. That’s javanese proverb and has the meaning that we have to always remember that we live here with His surveillance. And yes, be patient and accept what He gives to us.


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  1. Keeping oneself being ‘eling lan sumeleh’ is anything but easy, yet all the more so of a necessity these days. 🙂

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