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True Love: A Long Journey

October 30, 2015

Love is just love. You can love anyone, anything, even fall in love with someone and once breakup, feel apart for a week maybe a month then move on and fall in love again. That’s what mere love is.

True love is a mystery, a myth, a wish of each one of us but fate of very few. When you love someone regardless of what he looks like, regardless of how many flaws he have regardless of the fact that he loves you back or not. All you can do is keep loving and loving, the feeling only increases. True love is when you find a reason to smile, a reason to live for, a reason to die for.

Love one can let go, move on, find new second love, but true love means dedication. You would be ready to sacrifice even your life for that special someone. But that special someone won’t let you because he/she reciprocates your feeling in every way. When true love really is there you don’t need the feeling to dress up and feel insecure looks don’t matter. Words lose meaning, butterflies don’t flutter in your stomach in true love, electric charge doesn’t lighten up your body on a mere touch, that maybe lust or love. True love is companionship in every sense possible.

In true love you tend to develop a spiritual connection between each other and a feeling of contentment. And in this moment, i have found the meaning of true love. I’m happy in giving attention to others without asking back. Always steady although sometimes getting fooled by those who betray my trust.

I enjoy spending my time doing a job that i don’t love at all. I do it for my mother, father, my family, and my future. Because I realize that i have to give the best for those who i love.

I love teaching. Having kids around me can release all the tensions I’ve got. People see them as a money machine. They calculate how much money I can collect by teaching them. But I see them as my kindness bank. I want to be a good person. It’s not because I feel good, but I know that I’m not the holy woman. I did so many mistakes, so I want to erase them by being good to myself and others.

Some people call it sacrifice, but i call it: LOVE! My true love 😍


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