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Alif and Evi : The Chosen One

April 14, 2016

I’ll remember how we felt sitting by the water
And everytime i look at you
It’s like the first time

“Let’s get married”, he speaks near my ear. Although he didn’t say it loudly, i can hear him clearly. I am surprised. We’re just knowing each other in a couple of months and he just proposed me? Is he mad?

“Are you really ready to marry me?”, i asked him back. My eyes are looking at him directly. I really want to know that he’s serious. Don’t play on my heart, boy! I said it sarcastically in my heart.

“Sure. What do i need to do for a preparation?”. His voice is calm and i see no doubt on his face. I wonder what does he think for asking me on marriage.

Actually, i did taaruf with another guy and we did a very short taaruf. I shouldn’t surprised when this funny exciting man propose me because i experienced a taaruf. But, the reason that we are in the same factory that prohibits a relationship between the workers is very shocking me.

He must be know that one of us must quit to obey that rule. Then why does he brave to marry me?

“Well, you can see my uncle since my parents are in Bekasi. I don’t want your dad’s gonna be tired of doing a long trip seeing my parents”.

I look at his eyes again. He rolls his eyes. Looks so funny but also cool. Errrr are you serious or not actually? My heart shout impatiently.

“Okay. When?”. He answered shortly. His eyes are looking at me. Deeply.

I’ve got nervous suddenly. “Umm.. It’s up to you”. I say it shyly. I stop looking at him and playing my feet nervously. Geez, he’s serious!

Mmm okay. Next year?

“What??? Are you crazy? Then don’t say about marriage anymore at this time if you want to marry me next year!”. I am very angry. He’s playing me! He’s playing on my heart. How dare him!

“Sure not. If i ask your opinion, just say it cleary. When do you want me to see your family? I will bring my father to your house. I’m serious”. He nod it in a super serious intonation.

I feel very sorry by being childish like that. I’ve had doubt him.

“What about next Friday? I will come home early and you can come with your father at 4 pm. Okay?”. My voice is getting soft. No more anger or doubt again.

“Okay”. He’s greening brightly. Very handsome. I like his smile. I like his sharp sight to me, like our first sight.

I still remember the day i saw him in the first time. The day i was paralyzed by his eyes. I was just like under his spells. My body couldn’t move and my heart questioned ‘Who is he?‘.

Then it’s just like a miracle when he added my blackberry messenger pin and chatted with me. From that chatting habits, we became a very close friend.

I had a crush on him since that first sight. And i knew that he has a feeling for me too. Even i have expressed my feelings bravely, but he didn’t respond it.

I was okay, because i said to him that i wanna get married without doing a relationship first. I also knew that he had another crush, but i didn’t care as long as he’s still single. But now, he asked me to marry him. Am i the chosen one? It’s still like a “Oh God! You gimme that man? The man i want from the deep of my heart?

You’re too kind, God. Thank you!

For my sweet Chouchou

I didn’t fall in love with you.
I walked into love with you,
with my eyes wide open,
choosing to take every step along the way.

I do believe in fate and destiny,
but i also believe
we are only fated to do the things
That we’d choose anyway.

And I’d choose you;
In a hundred lifetimes,
In a hundred worlds,
In any version of reality,
I’d find you

And I’d choose you.

Yeah, it’s the story of us since i had no idea what kind of story i want to write about. He really came to my house with his dad. And we’re getting married now 🙂


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